Your Vegan Best Friend

So, here's my story. While on the road doing The Wizard of Oz National Tour, I decided to go vegan for Lent. 40 days, no meat, animal by products, you name it. And after that 40 days, I said to myself, why not make it a lifetime.

I created this blog for people like myself that are tired of wondering and questioning everything. What are the benefits of this? What does this do for me? Why vegan? What about my protein? How can I do this?

Trust me, there is SO MUCH to learn and know outside of the traditional American way of living with your meat and two sides with bread and a soda. So why not adventure down the produce isle and see what you can supplement for meat or dairy.

Through this blog, my hope is that you will consider a more plant based lifestyle. I am not saying VEGAN IS THE WAY TO GO but it has truly been a way to GROW. I will post dishes here and there to further explain the science behind it and not just quick facts. I want you to understand why everything works the way it does. Cool?

Along my journey, I've also incorporated the use of stones, oils and other homeopathic remedies because let's face it, sometimes medication does heal, it prolongs the healing. 

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