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24 Days Later : Happy Birthday to Me

Year 31. My Year of Abundance.

I started my birthday about three days earlier with a card reading through Mostly Angels LA. OMG. So good. So much information, but so refreshing to hear that my ancestors were there and proud of me.

I gifted myself a few things to help aid in the abundance theme I've affirmed for this year (and decade)

First up, the Rose of Jericho plant. Before browsing this site, I had never heard of it, but after reading its properties and characteristics, I bought one.

"Brings in prosperity and successEnhances intention settingThe water can be sprinkled around the house to erase negative influences, bring peace, harmony, and abundance."

My second gift was this amazing Palo Santo spray!!! I remember reading a few months back that the Palo Santo smudging sticks were starting to become very popular now which is causing there to be an actual shortage in where it comes from. I opted to us this as a way to reduce the shortage.

"Clear, cleanse, and create the vibe anywhere with this on-the-go spray! "

I didn't stop there with the gifts.

This Yerba Sant smudging stick is totally new to me, but seeing that it was used for protection, healing emotional pain stored in the heart chakra and growth, I wanted to buy as much of this as I could. I use this for my new moon and full moon releases!

It has a very pleasant scent and maintains a very good burn/smoke ratio if you're curious about using this for your personal rituals.

A few more gifts that I got for myself:

The Selenite Tower and the Money Candle both came from another store in LA called House of Intuition! I haven't decided when I wanted to burn the candle, but I'm trusting that when it's time, my ancestors will tell me.

I wanted to share parts of my reading with you, but I'm going to wait for another post to share that! I've scheduled my next reading to be August 10. So I will give you an update on it!

Overall, the energy for my birthday was amazing! I'm thankful to see year 31 and claiming abundance in every aspect of my life.

Let me know if you try any of these supplies I've listed and also if you have any yourself.

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