Carnelian / Bloodstone


Creativity, Grounding and Organization

Carnelian is a reddish orange crystal with a trigonal mineral structure, and is a member of the quartz family. As a primary mineral, carnelian pertains to new beginnings, self discovery, and learning processes. Aries being the cardinal fire sign, is all about sparking new life, taking initiative, and standing in the power of "I Am", hence its resonance with carnelian. 



Bloodstone is a unique quartz-based mineral that is green with iron silicate inclusions that look like red blood spots with specks of yellow. Bloodstone is said to assist in boosting the immune system with stimulating that metabolic process. It is also said to help detox the body and reduce inflammations, particularly when worn on the body. In this Aries energy, it can assist with thinking before reaction. And turn temper into a productive energy.