Updated: Dec 22, 2018

You hear about them... You know you need them... but what the hell are they?!

Simply put. You need these just like you need water and rest and food.

Electrolytes are minerals that keep your body’s main organs functioning. Your heart beat, muscle functions, everything. But, as you know, too much of anything will cause your body to respond negatively. 

If your body is over saturated with electrolytes, a few things could happen…

A high level of electrolytes leads to high potassium which leads to 

Chronic Kidney Diseases

Addison’s disease 

Rhabdomyolysis (child…)

Tumor lysis syndrome… (whew) 

What about when you have too little… Here’s a list for that!

Hormonal imbalances

That’s stressful yall. 

What are the seven major electrolytes? 

Sodium (helps maintain fluid balance, muscle contraction and nerves)

Potassium (blood pressure, heart contractions and muscle function)

Calcium (helps with muscles, nerves, cells and the structure of bones and teeth)

Magnesium (Heart rhythms, nerve functions, anxiety reduction, digestion)

Chloride (fluid balance)



Here’s a list of plant based sources of electrolytes! 









Also, adding salt to your foods after a heavy sweating sessions can help replenish your electrolytes.

I'm a huge fan of Pink Himalayan sea salt now a days!

Let me know if this helps and if you have any more questions!