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Five Non Vegan Dishes I Miss

NEVER IN MY BLACK BLACK ON BLACK life did I think I would be vegan.

Now look at me, VEGAN and loving it.

Photo Credit: Olivia's Cuisine

Growing up in Memphis, my mom and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Holidays, Sunday Dinner, whatever, we would always be in the kitchen together. Now I didn't always help with the cooking... it wasn't until I was older that I volunteered to actually mix things together to make it edible. My purpose for being the kitchen when I was child, was just to keep her company!

I got promoted to desserts and my homemade Sweet Tea. Then I got moved to sweet potato casserole and lasagna! I can still make them.. but I can't taste them cause she uses all the cheeses and all the butters.

HOWEVER! There are dishes I miss that I haven't gotten around to creating or duplicating a vegan alternative to.

Coming in at #5: Salmon Croquettes.

Photo Credit: The Recipe Critic

BABY!!! If we weren't listening to gospel music on a Saturday morning to get ready for cleaning, you were woken up to the smell of Salmon Croquettes and Homemade Biscuits (these fall under #5 as well) One Green Plate has a fun recipe I'm going to try before I experiment with my own. Please tell me you've had salmon croquettes...

At #4 there's, MEATLOAF!!!

I've had some in the past that were just not satisfying. The attempt was great, but the final result was 2 stars: would not try again. Let's talk about the structure of my mom's meatloaf okay?

Ingredients: I HAVE NO IDEA BUT I KNOW SHE PUT HER FOOT IN IT! (For non-black, that means it was very good.) got a 5 star review for their recipe... I'm going to try it and post a review of it.


I honestly don't miss the cake, I just miss making it with... I mean watching her make it and taking the spoon with the icing on it and eating all of it..

I'm not a baker. Cake videos are satisfying to watch... the thought of me making a chocolate cake scares me. I am not about that life... but I've had some shockingly moist (tehehehe) vegan chocolate cakes! If and when I make one, you all will never know.


I've had vegan mac and cheese. I've made vegan mac and cheese. It just hasn't equaled the southern goodness that my mom made. Now, she doesn't make it a lot, we have to really beg her to make it. However I do miss the artery clogging satisfaction of non vegan mac and cheese.

Photo Credit: Simple Vegan Blog

With the expansion of vegan products from companies like Dayia, Follow Your Heart, Kite Hill, etc... I have an ideas for a 5 cheese vegan Mac and Cheese I'm going to experiment with... Dextonista said this was the best vegan mac and cheese recipe... I'm willing to bet with a little time and investment, I'll make one just as good!

Coming in at #1... and this is totally random and would not be on everyone's list...

Potato Au Gratin

I could eat an entire dish of this. Potatoes...Cheese... BUTTER! Hello weight gain. Hands down, my favorite side dish and scientifically proven to be better the next day by all black people that have ever eaten it!

There has to be a secret family recipe for this. Maybe it was the sour cream to cheese to butter ratio... or the onions? The seasoning? I have no idea. I just know whenever she cooked it, I wanted all four corners of the casserole dish.

Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

I WILL MAKE THIS VEGAN! The Minimalist Baker gives me hope that I'm able to recreate this with their recipe, but I don't know guys... I just don't know!

Honorable Mention: Pepperoni. *mic drop*

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