• Justin G Nelson

Five Years Ago...

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that, I could afford a one bedroom apartment in the middle of Times Square. Guys, I gave up pork for 5 years, beef for 3, and then one sunny day in California, I decided it was time.

You ever wonder how all the chicken places kept a stock of chicken, but there farmers didn’t? You ever wonder why there are more chemicals in chicken then there are in a cure for cancer? Yeah, our government is screwed and I refused to be a statistic. Yeah, it can be hard and in the five years I've been vegan, I've learned a LOT !

And I started this blog to be a light for my friends and community to show plant based goes beyond what you eat. It begins to change your thinking and feeling and your vibe. The way you love changes. You go from wanting everything to wanting things that spark joy (WHERE IS SEASON 2) to watching Youtube videos about tarot readings and astrology.

I can only share my personal experience and thats what I plan to do here.

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