• Justin G Nelson

Plastic Free Update

It's not as easy as I thought, but I'm going to keep working towards it!

This plant based / vegan lifestyle is really life changing. Starting out, I was all "I'm going to eat plant based and that's it." Now it's moving into my every day life with a focus of being more environmentally friendly and conscious of my day to day interactions and how I can play apart. I know you all have seen videos of the turtles with straws up their nose or other animals that have been harmed my trash that is not compostable. It's low-key heartbreaking.

So far I've managed to switch most of my meal prep containers out for glass containers.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE. I find that after I chop my fruits and vegetables or if I buy some pre chopped, I wash them first and then add them to these containers. The shelf life goes up about 2 extra days and your food stays fresh. They are super easy to clean and helps to cut back on plastic!

My other favorite item has been the Stasher Reusable Bags . I actually won these a couple of years ago from a giveaway and I've used them for everything. I store my avocados in them to help them stay fresh and not ripe so fast. If you have any, let me know what you think. Now that plastic free is trending and becoming more mainstream, there are other companies with similar products!

I can't forget to mention my reusable straws. I have a personal set and a set I'm using for props in photos. I keep one in my backpack and when I remember, I use it. I'm still adjusting. However, you all will keep me accountable.

Living in New York, we love tote bags, so making the adjustment from plastic bags to totes was an EASY transition compared to giving up meat. However, I don't always keep a spare bag in my backpack for grocery shopping. So... we are working on that.

Last thing, my bamboo toothbrush. There's honestly no real difference between that and the real, it's just more environmentally friendly.

I've gone down many Youtube rabbit holes pertaining to plastic free living and I'm glad I'm not the only one who admits it isn't the easier, but it definitely is worth it.

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