Get it all!

I've always thought that CARBS were the energy, but how would you respond if I told you protein is the energy as well? ( I feel like there should be a per this study protein has been found to be energy sentence right here backing your statement from the previous sentence) . It’s still very true that you burn carbs, and that protein helps you to build muscle. But, if anyone tells you you need to eat your body weight in protein... run! Your body will not be able to properly breakdown all that protein. The only exception to this directive is if you are VERY very active.

When I say active I mean  training for a competition, performer, or runner; then you can play around with more protein. 

Per the FDA,

"Consuming too much protein may be harmful to the body. High amounts of protein in the diet put stress on the kidneys and liver as they try to dismantle and dispose of the extra protein." 

It’s best to know your health goals and find the balance between too much and too little protein intake.  The percentage of protein is not required on a label but remember when it’s given it is based on a 2,000 calorie diet. 

My go to source of protein is always Almonds. 20 almonds post workout or just for a snack and done(that’s 5 grams of protein). Quinoa is my second go to protein source. Black beans, chickpeas, and leafy greens are also some of my favorite protein sources. I add things like spirulina, hemp seeds, and chia seeds to my bowls or smoothies depending on my mood throughout the day.