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Burn. Release. Repeat.

So, here's what you need to know about smudging.

It's cool. It's like burning an incense, but with more good vibes.  


But seriously, it's a dope form of cleansing that you can do at home or in your personal space to kind of cleanse it of any negative or unwanted energies. A cleaning ceremony without the certificates.  I wouldn't recommend burning sage in your bosses office... that's too far.

I started smudging when I moved to New York and from all my sublets. People just carry too much unwanted energy and it really started to rub off on me. I bought some sage, burned it (smelled weird), but I felt good! I switched to Palo Santo and used it during a New Moon phase and whew, let's just say , it was LIT!!! 

You can smudge as often as you want it. PROTECT YOUR ENERGY!! 

Other things to smudge aside from sage,

Sweet Grass: Very similar to sage. Helps to center your mind and bring focus and clarity.

Yerba Santa: Aka Holy Weed,  never used it... A little too earthy for me

Palo Santo: Attracts positive energy, purifying. (pictured above)

Lavender: Great for anxiety and sleep

Cedar: Protection

Juniper: Alertness and focused thoughts

Pine: Awakening and Strength (definitely one to use in the morning)

How to: Simply burn the herb (the wooden ones take longer to get a good smoke from, so just be patient) and allow it to just burn... most will go out on their own, others you can wave around until it dies. Cleanse your corners, sheets, frames, everything! 

Most holistic places carry sage and palo santo, I haven't found an online place that carries the other options listed above, but I will be sure to update you guys! 

Which one will you use?

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