Sugar and Fruits : Good or Nah

Make sure you read Dr. McMacken's post before reading this.

Here's my take, I love fruit. I love smoothies. But I found that when I limited my fruit intake, i saw better results in the gym. My trainer at the time recommended I reduce my fruit intake due to its sugar content. Now that I'm vegan, I find that the more fruit in take, the more energy I have and let's be honest, the fiber in take is real!

HOWEVER, I agree that fruit is not bad for you at all. It's almost the staple of vegan nutrition. She mentioned that amazing benefits of fructose that found in whole fruit. Many of the vitamins and minerals found in meats and dairy can also be found in various fruits.

Now, I'll blog about juicing and smoothies later and how you lose some of those vitamins through the various processes, but depending on your fitness / health goals, I would seek a nutritionist or do more research with what fruits are right for you and your lifestyle!

Here's a link of fruits and their vitamins:

What's your take away from the information? What fruits do you like? How have fruits affected your lifestyle and goals?