The Setbacks of a Vegan Transition

Updated: Feb 9

This is what people don't always tell you...


With any health change, there are some setbacks. But don't let this one post be the reason you don't want to make a change.

I recently found an article that talked about 7 of the top setbacks dealing with vegan transitions.

Below are my personal experiences with each one.

1. Research

TAH DAH you're here. I literally spend hours researching things about being vegan. Going out to eat, health benefits, things to increase, meals, etc. It can be overwhelming, but it's rewarding and makes you a better person. 

2. Unhealthy Vegan

As you know, OREOs are vegan. And they also taste amazing with sweetened almond milk. However, they aren't good for you. So there you have it, your "vegan is healthy" dreams are crushed. Also, french fries are my weakness and enough will cause severe health issues... ALSO VEGAN. ALSO UNHEALTHY. Whatelse is vegan and unhealthy?

which leads me to

3. home

How is this a setback? BECASE SOME PEOPLE DONT LIKE COOKING! Sometimes, we get stuck with the traditional sides or vegetables that we don't want to explore other cultures and foods that are out there with AMAZING health benefits. (Stay turned for the benefits!) I say invest in some cookbooks, get the staple spices you need as well as your essential cooking materials and go for it. 

4. Vitamin and Supplement Deficiencies  

EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES! Trust me, you will prevent many of the deficiencies by simply adding them to your meals. More about that in a later post.