Vegan Fast Food 2019

I mean... I miss my crunch wrap supreme and all... but woah

Image: A Pinch of Yum

Taco Bell has always had a special place in my heart. My neighborhood in Memphis had a KFC/Taco Bell chain literally up the street from my home and my dad would always get me 4 hard shell tacos and a coke, or he would get the family the bucket of chicken and I would always get first dibs on the wings and legs.. But since going vegan, I never thought of going to fast food places for food… okay maybe french fries.. cause that’s the key to my heart. I was happy when I found out Burger King fries were vegan friendly!

However, in the past week or so, large companies are starting to make a move towards catering to the vegan community. Taco Bell announced that in April of 2019 (this month), they will introduce a vegan crunch wrap supreme in Texas… and possible expand to other states! Replacing the beef with black beans, smart move. But, I still fear cross contamination.

Taco Bell was voted the healthiest fast food chain in America, and they are in the process of removing more artifical chemicals from their foods to make their fast food... healthy. Guys, it’s 2019, change is really happening, and I’m here for it!

Image: Burger King

But BURGER KING + Impossible Burger = OMG!!!! Yeah! Burger King is in the process of releasing a vegan friendly burger and people are going crazy about it. Impossible Whopper. Im not sure if it was an April Fools prank or what, but whew... I don’t know how to feel. Excited to have more options or afraid that I’ll be there every day lol.

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