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What's In My Cabinet? Part 1: Maca Root

Updated: May 20, 2020

Heeeey MACA RANA! nope.

Maca is one of the first herbs that I added to my daily lifestyle. I did it primarily for the energy and to help reduce my anxiety. I love it! I take it twice a day in the pill form with lots of water. 

Maca falls in the of adaptogens. A term I learned about while randomly strolling around a bookstore in Brooklyn. I'm a huge fan of families or groupings. It just helps things to make sense in the end. I'll revisit the term and topic adaptogens later.

(Basically all you need to know is that they are a class of special healing plants that help to bring a sense of balance to the body while lowering stress and protecting the body from other chronic or mildly severe illnesses.) 

Here's an amazing recipe to try if you're wanting to sneak Maca Root in your food without really knowing it's there!

Check out this article from Men's Health that further supports the use of Maca Root! 

Aside from the sexual benefits, Maca is noted for it's ability to increase brain function, enhance your mood, allow you to stay focused longer and eliminate those caffeine crashes!

I purchase mine from my home store Maggie's Pharm (which you will see me mention a lot).  

They sell them in a capsule form, but they usually carry the powder or loose form of it. 

However, with anything, be sure to consult your doctor and/or check the side effects of adding any natural herb to your diet; even with fruits. 

Depending on the use and how you're wanting to use it, I would stick with the powder form! 

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