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Year of Abundance

It's been a long time.

I haven't sat down to type a blog post in months. And if we are being honest, it gave me anxiety. I knew what I wanted to do with Justin's Health Corner, but it just never came out. I've read books. I've listened to podcast. I've watched documentaries. I've taken classes. But none of that seemed to help me write a blog post. Why? Cause the things I wanted to talk to you about weren't honest. They were curated from a business mind and not a personal mind. Everyone is always saying, "you can turn your passion into money!". I'm not always in it for the money. I'm in it for the blessings. And if someone is blessed and wants to sow back into me financially, then boom.

Today would have been my dad's 75th birthday, may he rest in peace. He's the real reason I started this blog. He died from diabetes and a stroke January 2011. Also, my aunt would've celebrated her birthday today as well, but she also passed in January 1999 from a heart attack. They are my reasons for jumping into this world of health and wellness. My spiritual connection and the educator in me, led me to share about this journey through a blog. Not to mention, I am an ordained deacon and I enjoy studying all things spiritual.

Although my birthday isn't until Friday, July 10, I went head and claimed that this chapter will be the Year of Abundance. Maybe it was the Full Moon Energy from Sunday or the fact that Mercury is still retrograde or me just finishing my sixth Tantric Yoga Challenge? Whatever the case may be, I am claiming this year (and the next four) as my year of Abundance!

What does this have to do with healing or health? Mental Health.

I ordered a few products that I'm very excited to share with you (once they get here) as well as began to tap into resources I already have available. I cracked open my Florida Water and put it in a spray bottle. My stones are on my desk. I did my morning meditation. And now I'm writing this declaration to you.

The products I ordered:

Rose of Jericho (prosperity and rejuvination)

Palo Santo Spray (trying to save the wood)

Blue Rose House of Abudance Spray (cause Pose)

My stones at my desk currently:

Malachite (Leadership, Creativity, Confidence)

Rose Quartz (Emotional healing, Release of Stress)

I feel great guys. And I have so much more to share.


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