Your Best Is Yet To Come

Justin's Health Corner was created in 2016 as a way for me to learn more about plant-based nutrition and to share my journey while I transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle. 

Summer 2017, I watched the documentary, "What The Health" and told my friend, "Nah... This ain't right. I'm about to become a nutritionist." And look at me now, I'm a nutritionist.

As a Cancer Sun, Libra Moon and Leo Rising, it's in my DNA to help others, going from being a music teacher to an aspiring Broadway performer and now part-time blogger and nutritionist, I'm here to "spark joy" and help people live their best life! 

So together, we will transform your life from the inside out!

This corner is not a dead end, but a chance to turn your life around or to upgrade your current position! 

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